Star Hunt’s vision is to deliver the difference, which means that through focus on excellence and results we need to give that extra something to our clients and candidates. This said, we must be ready for tomorrow, today. We need to set our expectations high and constantly predict the future.

Owing to several years of observations, we know what clients actually need from search and recruitment companies. It is that broad market and industry knowledge, sector focus combined with constant monitoring of the market that constitute the mainstay of what we, as consultants, must know and always be up to date with. It allows us to promptly react to any expectations and identify the best talents for our clients.


Consultative approach

Our clients and candidates can expect us to provide a highly consultative way of working. We provide advice instead of just enforcing our opinion on others. Our solutions are based on thoroughly considered and objective analyses. We carefully explore each need and dedicate as much time as required to interview the client and find out what the crucial aspects of the role and leader must be. We participate in defining the key skills and experience of each leadership role to ensure we can represent our clients in the best possible manner. We act as true consultants to our candidates likewise. We listen to their needs and advise on career paths to select optimal job opportunities matching their experience and expectations.

High Quality

Our approach is simple, straight-forward and unique. We focus our efforts on fast and high-quality project delivery. We achieve this owing to our specializations and industry focus. We work with selected companies only and take on few projects at a time, which thus allows us to dedicate enough time and effort for each client and candidate. This is one of the reasons why we call ourselves ‘boutique’.



We maintain a very clear and transparent approach towards the search process. We can deliver any needed information concerning the progress at any time of our cooperation. The same applies to our candidates. We provide constant feedback and follow up information. We encourage clients to be interactive and stimulate regular client input throughout the entire process. We believe that constant communication is vital to overcoming any obstacles and helps to push the process forward at a much faster pace.



Owing to our daily contact with market leaders across various companies, we are able to build and regularly update a database of ‘passive’ candidates. It facilitates the search process as in most cases we almost immediately know who should be approached. We believe that candidates are also our clients and hence we treat them as such. They can entrust us with their industry and market knowledge. Depending on the position, we can provide a short-list within 4-5 weeks and, at times, even within just 2 weeks from the start of the search process.


One point of contact

Throughout the entire process each client is managed by one person. We strongly believe that it facilitates communication and makes it more transparent both for us and the client. This way we can deliver better results and achieve mutual success. The same applies to candidates, which means that one consultant leading a project is also the same and only point of contact for all the participants. Star Hunt is all about relationships and care for our business partners.



Star Hunt’s consultants are committed to a restricted number of searches at any given time to ensure success for all currently active projects. We work mostly on retained searches placing emphasis on successful completion of a project. Our fee structure reflects the philosophy of being ‘boutique’ and is therefore based on individual need of each client offering flexibility in regards to costs and payment methods that will conform to your internal processes. We offer a minimum of six-months guarantee on most of the searches.

Functions and Industries

We aspire to be an acknowledged leader and a preferred partner when you search for critical executive and managerial positions. We have an excellent understanding of key skill sets necessary for success across all functional areas such as Board Members and Senior Executives, Finance, HR, Operations, Marketing and Sales.

Our clients face a challenging and constantly evolving market, which requires a thorough understanding of their human resources needs. We therefore support each one of them in staying ahead of the game by leveraging our experience, specialization, deep network, industry knowledge and thorough assessment.
We believe that by being professional specialists we will create an added value for our clients and candidates thus enabling them to thrive.

Our main areas of expertise comprise of all senior positions within SSC/BPO industry, and in terms of functionality, HR senior roles across various market sectors.

In addition to the above, our clients represent a targeted range of SME’s and global companies from various industries, including Financial Services, Technology, Consumer and Consulting.


Due to continuous growth of the outsourcing market within Shared Service Centres and Business Process Outsourcing in CEE countries, Star Hunt focuses its efforts on supporting this industry across all senior functions. Our employees have extensive experience in finding best-in-class talents both domestically and internationally, which enables us to deliver quickly results while maintaining high quality standards.

We work with companies that have an established position in CEE region and additionally act as advisors to those who are planning to expand their operations into Central and Eastern Europe. Through participation in various events, conferences and FDI meetings locally and internationally, we are able to build a wide network of experts within several industries. We also provide search services to place top candidates in companies outside Poland. Our candidate network is highly international, diverse in terms of gender balance and social inclusion. We support clients and candidates in cross-border skills mobility projects and on-boarding in a selected country.

Our searches include: CEOs, Presidents, COOs, CFOs, CTOs, CIOs, VPs, Directors and Managers of Finance, Operations, Marketing, Sales and IT.


Talent acquisition, talent management, succession planning, leadership development, employer branding, diversity and inclusion as well as compensation and benefits are just some of the elements which make the HR departments critical to companies’ success.

With current skills shortages, dynamic market changes, new generation of employees, international movement of talents as well as alignment of people and business strategy, it is crucial that top HR functions are held by the best people.

At Star Hunt we help to attract and place senior HR teams, which possess strategic attitudes, pro-active approach and are driven by organisational growth to create ‘best place to work’ cultures for our clients.

Some of the roles include: HR Directors and Managers, Regional Managers, Recruitment/Talent Acquisition Directors and Managers, Training Managers, HR Strategy Executives, HR Business Partners, Employer Branding, Compensation & Benefits Managers.


Star Hunt consulting services encompass a broad spectrum of HR and recruitment disciplines designed to provide expertise that supports the success of our clients and investors. Our delivery is based on a deep market knowledge combined with a partner network comprised of foreign direct investment organizations. We offer HR strategy support, recruitment process management, salary guidance, information on talent pool availability to name a few.  Furthermore, new investors are provided with objective support in choosing reliable business partners within real estate, finance, call/contact center and legal areas.
Please contact us for additional information on these services.