At Star Hunt we strongly believe in mutual engagement, trust and true partnership with both our clients and candidates. This must be respected at and beyond all stages of our search process. We adhere to ethical behaviour at all levels of the organization to ensure that our clients and candidates feel comfortable and are highly satisfied with every assignment.


Meeting the Client
During our first meeting, we take an opportunity to study company’s needs, its business culture and current situation in the area of talent requirements. It is crucial to ask as many questions as possible, share market and industry knowledge and, at the same time, be highly consultative and objective. Once a real hiring opening is identified, we dwell into details to find out who the new hire should be and where we should look for them on the market. We know that finding the best candidates is just a part of the process. They also need to be convinced and attracted to the new job opportunity. It requires a strong mutual co-operation between the client and the search firm to convince candidates who are not actively looking for jobs.

Briefing and Search Strategy
Following our introductory meeting with the client, we prepare a thorough brief of our search strategy. Meanwhile, we also help to define a full job description for the role as it is critical for a search consultant to gain exact understanding of who the client is looking for. If this stage is not prepared comprehensively, a risk of failure may be increased for any stage of the recruitment process. We therefore put particular emphasis on this part ensuring that full client engagement and commitment are achieved.

Client Communication
Smooth process requires a fully transparent approach. We, therefore, agree on weekly telephone meetings, status reports and continuous follow ups. These allow us to discuss the progress, candidate availability, quality of talents, industry specific issues, any delays, etc. We want our clients to have a full insight into the process and have possibility to exchange ideas, talk about any difficulties so that immediate solutions and improvements can be found at any stage of the search. Honesty and critical approach on both sides are crucial to the success of this mutual endeavour.

Candidate Identification
This part of the process begins with a detailed research of the market. We do this by leveraging our network as well as targeting competitors. We then contact chosen individuals to identify their current professional situation and career aspirations. Those, who represent a potential ‘fit’ and show real interest in a job move are then informed about an opportunity, following interviews and/or assessment.

Interviews and Shortlist
Our evaluation is based on rigorous interviewing process, review of candidates’ professional skills, experience and expectations. At the same time, we build interest in the opportunity through a careful discussion of the position and a detailed presentation of the employer. If required, we can also evaluate certain skills via external assessment tools. Basing on our interviews, we create a strong short-list, which is presented to the client. It includes detailed overview of each candidate’s professional history together with our objective opinion and a comparison of profiles. During the entire process, we pro-actively stay in touch with both clients and candidates. We debrief all parties, provide feedback and manage logistics. At this stage we maintain the highest level of communication.

Reference Checks
We conduct reference checks prior to the offer stage and, on some occasions, even earlier. It helps us to avoid any unexpected situations further in the process. References are checked from a few different sources to gain best possible understanding of candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.

Brokering the Offer
This is certainly a critical phase in the process. The one that can mean success or failure of the venture. We work hard to ensure that communication between all parties clarifies any remaining concerns and/or interests. We advise the client on the best remuneration package, which we then present to the selected candidate. We also work closely with the candidate to align expectations with client’s offer and close the deal ensuring mutual satisfaction. Once the offer is accepted, we help candidates to smoothly cease engagement with their current employer. Finally, we agree on the start date and on-boarding.

On-boarding Support
At Star Hunt we stay close to both our clients and candidates during candidates’ notice, on-boarding and probation periods at their new company. We usually arrange telephone calls with both parties to ensure smooth integration and transition into the new job.